Fall 2013

Nineteenth Century Ukiyo-e

September 16—21, 2013

Nineteenth Century Ukiyo-e featured a select group of woodblock prints by leading artists of the day representing various genres including landscapes, beauties, bird and flower (kacho-e), and Yokohama subjects.  The exhibition was held at the gallery, 17 E 76th St., 16–21 September, 2013, 11AM to 5PM.


Rare Japanese Art of the 16th –19th Centuries

October 17—20, 2013

Sebastian Izzard LLC presented fine and rare Japanese art of the 16th through 19th centuries at Frieze Masters 2013, Stand B9, Regent’s Park, London. Highlights included a highly important and rare pair of six-panel Namban byobu – or screens featuring Southern Barbarians – that date from the early 17th century, an early period of robust trade between Japan and the West. Painted in rich mineral pigments on a gold leaf ground, the screens represent a genre that rarely comes to the market.

Also exhibited was a series of shunga – or erotic – prints by Sugimura Jihei (active 1681–97).The twelve prints, from circa 1685, embellished by vivid hand-applied pigments during Jihei’s lifetime, pre-date color woodblock prints.  The complete set – one of only a handful by the artist surviving today – is both extremely rare and a masterpiece in Jihei’s oeuvre.

A selection of hanging scrolls, including a rare painting by Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849), creator of the well-known Great Wave off Kanagawa, was accompanied by a group of fine Japanese color woodblock prints, porcelains dating from the second half of the 17th century, and lacquer wares.