MARCH 2012

March 01, 2012

Sebastian Izzard LLC featured a selection of paintings and woodblock prints in their annual exhibition of fine ukiyo-e (pictures of the Floating World) to be held during Asia Week in New York this September. For over one hundred years the late 18th century has been recognized as the most fertile period for ukiyo-e. The Golden Age of Ukiyo-e: 1780-1800 featured images which document the star actors and prominent courtesans and entertainers of the era.

Paintings by masters such as Katsukawa Shuncho, Katsukawa Shungyo, and Utagawa Toyokuni were included. Among the prints, works by Toshusai Sharaku and Kitagawa Utamaro were featured as well as rare works by other artists of the period. Many of these came from such famous collections as that of Henri Vever and are counted among the great works of the genre. Many examples in the exhibition were published by the leading tastemaker of the period, Tsutaya Juzaburo, whose ability to discover new talent mark him as one of the most influential figures of his generation. These included works such as Utamaro's Beauty Smoking a Pipe from the series Ten Classes of Women's Physiognomy, recognized as a masterpiece by the artist.

The exhibition was open September 13-17 from 10AM to 5PM.

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