January 01, 2008

Sebastian Izzard LLC participated in the first JADA-sponsored exhibition in New York City, at the Ukrainian Institute of America from October 18-21. Entitled Select Masterworks from JADA: The Japanese Art Dealers Association, the show was comprised of fine examples of Japanese paintings, sculpture, textiles, lacquer, and ceramics dating from the Nara to Edo periods. We were featuring an important group of Momoyama period tea ceramics including a Shino stoneware tea bowl and an unusual Oribe square covered dish decorated with Portuguese carracks, along with a very rare 17th century Shibuemon style circular footed porcelain dish made for the domestic market. A fine selection of Ukiyo-e paintings by Okumura Masanobu (1686-1764), Mizuno Rocho (1748-1836), Rekisentei Eiri (active ca. 1790-1800) and Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865), were also on view. For additional information please go to www.jada-ny.org

Our tenth anniversary exhibition was held in March-April 2008. Early Images of the Floating World: Japanese Paintings, Prints, and Illustrated Books 1660-1720 explored the formative years of Ukiyo-e through a selection of works by Hishikawa Moronobu (d. 1694), Sugimura Jihei (act. ca. 1681-1697), Torii Kiyonobu (1664-1729), Kaigetsudo Doshin (act. ca 1715-20) and others. The show included rare oversized hand-colored beauty prints, early guide books to the Yoshiwara licensed district in Edo, several complete sets of erotic prints, and an important "Kanbun Bijin" painting from the 3rd quarter of the 17th century. A fully illustrated catalogue accompanied the exhibition.

Sebastian Izzard

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